Why are People not Donating


It would cause a lot of pain

It is a time consuming process

It may cause serious Infections

I am not very young to donate blood

It has adverse side effects and cause weakness

It is a time consuming process

I have already donated in past


All that you feel is a prick of a needle

Only sterile syringe is used and discarded after a single use

Any healthy person between 18 to 65 can donate

Resting for a while after donation and drinking lot of liquids replenishes fluids

We have about 10 pints of blood in our body. Donation takes away only one pint

Entire process of screening and leaving takes about a couple of Hours

One can donate blood every three months

Why are Patients not finding Donors

I am not aware if there are any donors available in the vicinity.
I don't have donors' contact details to make a request for donation
My need is urgent and I don't have time to make phone calls to find donors.
I have followed up with people multiple times but still not found the donor.


Convenient Access

Location based search engine to connect with consenting blood donors

Anytime , Anywhere

Get a blood donor wherever you need one, whenever you need one.

Quick Hyper local Connect

Find the help or offer to help somebody in your own neighbourhood.

Safe & Secure

Maintains privacy and confidentiality of members' personal information

Modern Technology

Uses proprietary algorithm to match the member's request to the most eligible blood donor.



Amit Ahuja, Co-Founder, Tea Halt

Rakt-Daan is a revolutionary concept of using new age technology to solve the blood supply problem in India.


Mukesh Bansal, Senior Manager, IBM

I never imagined that there would so many people around me to help when I needed 3 blood units for operation of my mother.


Lakhmir Singh, Airtel

It made me feel proud when I responded to Dikshant's donation request on the app and eventually ended up making a lifelong bond with him.


Selva B, Social activist

It is a perfect case of modern connectivity used to make a direct impact on the blood shortage problem of our country.


Prateek Patel, Teacher

My requirement of rare blood group was surprisingly met in a very short time when I found the donor in the same sector where I am living.


Manjunath S, Doctor

I am a regular donor for the last 15 years in blood donation camps but donating it directly for a beneficiary on the app made a difference.






Am I eligible to donate blood

You should weight atleast 50 kgs. You weight should be atleast 18 to 65 years. You should be in good health and feeling well. You should have minimum level of 12.5% Haemoglobin. You should not be suffering from any transmittable diseases. You should not have consumed alcohol 48hrs before donation.

What should I do after donating blood

Do not undertake a heavy activity or excercise. Drink lot of liquids to replenish the body fluids.

How can I use the App to offer blood donation

The App sends donation requests from one user to other users available in the vicinity. You can see the contact details of the requestor and the hospital/ blood bank at which the donation is needed. The request would also mention whether the need is for a specific or a general blood group and the date/time by which donation is needed. Depending upon your availability, you may accept the request.

Can I make a request for donantion while I am travelling outside my city of residence

Yes, you can make request sitting anywhere. The App would automatically send your requests to the nearby donors.

Can I submit a request for donantion for a friend or relative living in another city

Yes, you can make request sitting anywhere. The App would automatically send your requests to the nearby donors.

How can I use the App to submit a blood donation request

The App sends donation requests from one user to other users available in the vicinity. You need to identify the medical facility/ blood bank where you wish the donor to come and the date/ time by which you need the donation. In case you have a requirement of only a specific blood group then choose that option.

The App does not allow me to make a request for the required blood group. What do I do

Generally, hospitals will take donations for any blood group and issue the units of the required blood group to the patient. So, donation of any blood group should be fine. However, in case the hospital does not have stock of a rare blood group, then you can make a request for it by selecting from the options.

Can I make a request for a specific rare blood group

You can make such a request. The App will send your request to the specific/ rare blood group donors in the vicinity.

I am over the prescribed age for making a donation. Can I still submit a donation request

Yes, you can still use the App to make requests for yourself or your friends/ family.

Can I place request on behalf of somebody who is not a registered user on the App

Yes, you can make request(s) on behalf of your family, relative or friends.
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